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Friday, 8 August 2014

1st post in over a year!

I have become a little bit lazy when it has come to this my blog since I moved back to reading. Things are going to change but before they do I will re-cap my last two years, fairly briefly. Being in Reading and starting a teaching career left little time for play time so had to use my holiday time wisely.

Christmas 2012 - Skiing in Villars with Kelly and some of her Aiglon colleagues.
Easter 2013 - Road biking in Spain (the start of a bit more exercise)
Summer half-term 2013 - Weekend in Italy (accidentally ran a half marathon and singed up for a half ironman)
June/July 2013 - lots of short runs, decent rides and lots of open water swimming.
Summer Holidays 2013 - Switzerland and Slovenia, more running, biking swimming and the occasional hill day.
8th/9th September 2013 - Half Ironman and damaged knee ligaments in the process.
Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 - Diddley Squat - Knee injury prevented me maintaining any fitness I might of had and became a lardy ass.
Easter 2014 - Road riding around Annecy, very painful and Kelly was on beast mode.

I have managed to do some great things but have also missed doing more of the everyday activities so I am currently really enjoying having the summer holiday to get out an play in the hills.

I have climbed for the first time in 2 years, biked lots of my old favourite trails and met up with lots of the people I used to get out with.

Highlight so far is an evening of scrambling up Idwal Buttress after driving up from Reading. Great route, brilliant atmosphere, with the clouds becoming quite moody and we had the mountains to ourselves. I also proposed to Kelly after a picnic at the top...SHE SAID YES!!!!

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