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Monday, 20 December 2010

Kelly skiied, I walked!!!

After Fridays snow we managed to get my car out and down the hill with snow chains on but Kellys car was left.

So Saturday following even more snow meant that there was no chance of routes being in so we walked up through Mynydd Llangygai and out up towards Elidir Fawr, Knee to Waist deep snow meant that it was pretty hard going, Kelly skiied down from the resivoir and I walked. From the bottom of the road we choose to take the road option all the way home. After walking through the villages we think there should be more snow because of all the social and community spirit that comes from it...

Sunday was a day in Betws, routes still covered with snow and an effort to get to.

Today has been LAZY for adventures but good for Uni work. Well kind of.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of effort, hopefully the keen beans today will have made tracks to the routes so it might be easier for us. We will have to wait and see. Update after tomorrow!!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

I missed toy day...but have my first SNOW DAY off school!

I woke up early this morning knowing that when I went to bed the snow was NOT sticking. I had decided not to move my car to the main road because of this. I had a planned on driving to Bangor and then training it to school as a few drinks were to be consumed at the staff xmas do. I was dressed ready to walk in snow with school work clothes, presents and lunches packed.

Out the front door meant stepping into 6-10 inches of snow. Oh, this could be interesting. The road is normal well gritted, but according to a neighbour the snow plough had been through at 4.30, only 1.5hours earlier. The road had 6inches of powder on it and there were no signs of traffic, no footprints, just white...my first thought was WOW, skiing. Second thought, how the hell am i getting down there, a quick jog about the road made me think that with the chains on i would be fine, a 4x4 came past coping well but still a little slide on a tight corner made me wonder, a fiesta was heading towards me with the front wheel pointing one way and the car pointing another, it wasnt looking good, and it wasn't as it clipped the wall on the way down. my mind was made up. No school for me.

I started clearing the drive a little as i knew the snow plough would be back but i would still have to get to the road, a good 50m from our house. A few neighbours were starting to emerge so with my best welsh i said hello...and introduced myself, i think they appreciated the effort but we spoke English from then on. after a wander down the road i decided i probably should have got my car out with the chains on before everyone else chucked their cars down, there is no hard pack snow across the road all the way down.


Its lunchtimes now and i have just measure 10inches in the garden!!

Mr and Mrs Hillyer's Visit ...eventful - Guest Post by Kelly

Mum and Dad arrived Friday night for a weekend of hill walking. Unfortunately most of the snow from the previous week had melted so it had turned from a winter walking weekend to a wet slushy weekend. I planned a route Friday night in the Carneaddau as both mum and dad had never walked there before.
Up and ready to go by 9am but needed to wait around for Dave to get back from Bangor from the night before…he didn’t turn up so left without him. Our route started at the foot path up into Cwm Lloer where Dave managed to catch us up. We took the ridge line up onto Pen Yr Ole Wen. A little bit of ice and consolidated snow to negotiate but definitely not enough to justify any crampons. The summit was pretty chilly with strong winds so not much time was spent here, just carried straight on towards Daffydd. When almost at the summit we had our first glimpses of a view, the clouds were whipping around us and provided some awesome views in an eyrie atmosphere. Following a summit photo we descended down back towards Cwm Lloer. We were almost back at the farm track when dad slipped on a rock and twisted his ankle. After hearing him shout my mums name we realised something wasn’t quite right and when we found him on the floor we realised he had hurt his ankle pretty badly. With Dave’s help, my walking poles and the moving of the car we managed to get him into the car and decided to drive him to A&E…..the result……a broken ankle!! Oh, and a very short weekend visit.
Photos to be added

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