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Friday, 30 December 2011

Building Rory Update

I have just been back through the photos of us building up Rory into a camper and thought you might like to see what we did and the process we went through.

Link: Rory Update

As you can see it does now have a bed in but that is going to change soon. The lining, floor and ceiling are staying the same for the time being...when we can afford to but a window or two in we will but for now there are no spare pennies.
Rory needs a clean but this was
taken on our recent biking trip.

The next build is going to add some more storage, to add a dedicated cooking unit, fixing up some silvers for the windows and hopefully we will be able to add the leisure battery to run lights, charge camera batteries and bike lights ect. We recently bought a bike rack and on our most recent trip it has made a huge difference to our comfort. The bikes will not be living inside from now on which means the inside can now be change to suit that...watch this space!!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A spot of mining - Penarth Mine

I've been working in an infants school recently so have not been out as much over the last 3 weeks.

I was on my own today but as I have my Mine leader assessment coming up a trip down a mine was needed just to make sure ... 

Penarth Mine

Entrance (left hole) from open pit. 
Me working the winch.

Some pretty funky slate ceiling feature.

Some artefacts plus beer cans.

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An old cart

 A 'Caban'

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