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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Switzerland December 2012

I am out visiting Kelly, Villars, Switzerland, and the weather has been very kind to use so far, we have had two excellent days on the piste. It has been 10 years since I skied so the first run down was an uncomfortable and slightly agricultural attempt but I did stay on the skis all the way down. I survived most of the day until and bumpy, steep section became a bit crowded and whilst avoiding others, I forgot how to ski altogether and ended up in a heap right in the middle. It was bound to happen sooner or later! Day 2 meant Sinéad joined us for her first day back on the slopes. She had an interesting start, I won't say any more,  it wouldn't be fair. By the end of the day she was flying with a smile from ear to ear!

The piste had been very busy, a Saturday and a holiday meant that the queues for the lifts were quite long so we decided to have a day off the piste and get out into the forests for some cross country skiing. It was a great choice as we looked across the valley to see the thousands of ants dodging each other. It requires a bit more effort but I really enjoyed heading up the valley. Quietly gliding amongst the trees, the only sounds were the crunch of snow under ski and the occasional noise made when one loses their balance. It was't until we were nearly at the top we realised we didn't know for sure how to stop/slow down when coming back down. We had an idea which turned out to be right but if you were wondering, thin track cross country skis are made to go, not stop. It took a little bit of getting used to but turning and stopping were highlights of Sinéads day. I'll leave the photos to show the rest, a great day away from the crowds...
The first section of downhill on the cross country skiis

Almost made it!

Still smiling!

The first tight corner.

Kelly widening the road a little bit.

I forgot I was wearing 2m planks on my feet and turning around in a 40cm of powder meant I needed my hand (with camera in it) to stop myself from landing face first. Hence the snow on the lense!
That looks close...

Scream lots...

Oh dear!

Not quite the face first fall I was hoping to catch!

Dave getting shouted out for putting her off!

Take 2

That looks close...

Now a quite cross Sinéad...

Flying down the next hill with a smile!

Coming back down from the Buvette, which was closed.

Like a Pro


We still had about 8km of mostly downhill to get back to Villars and it was a fantastic descent, via an open buvette. I don't think anybody fell for the rest of the way, certainly not caught on camera if they did.

Back to the piste tomorrow.

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