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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Quick Blast Around Moel Y Ci

(Only Me)

I had to get out of the house today so I went for a quick loop from the house, around MYC and back, up the road and down towards Rhiwlas from Mynydd Llandygai on the byway reminded me of being on holiday last summer, my introduction to downhilling. The route was rocky, flowing and fast, it gave that arm pump feeling and a real buzz. Definitely worth the uphill.

View towards the Carneddau from just above Sling

Arthur Daily! First ride in the Clwyds

Had a really good ride on this route from the Bixefax north east wales guide. Unfortunately, the weather was poor so no photos as I couldn’t see much. The route is good, only took 2 hours when the guide suggests 3-5hours and the track was pretty boggy, the descriptions also don’t match their map. But hey, it was a good bit of exercise.

I will upload the route to the 'Route Downloads' Section

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday Biking Bonanza

(Kelly, Rachel, Sam Will and I)

A great day out with a long ride planned, fantastic start and then it all went wrong. At the furthest point from Llanberis (where the cars were) my rear mech decided to jump into my wheel and rip off, so I was left with bent hanger, useless chain, no rear mech and damaged spokes....still it was only 25miles by road the cars...

I had a good day, Cheers

Rachel - Telegraph Valley

Rachel - Telegraph Valley
Kelly - Telegraph Valley
Sam, at the top - Telegraph Valley Bwlch
The leftovers - Somewhere between Caenarfon and Porthmadog

Lake District MTBing

Seriously excited about this weekend as a group of us are heading over to the lake district for some mountain biking. Hopefully we will get some decent riding in however the weather is not looking fun. If you want to join us ring me, anyone(who knows someone on the trip) is welcome!!!

More to come

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