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I am a Primary School teacher just about to move to the Bristol area and after two years of posting very little I am going to make an effort to post a little more often.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

July...What a Month!!!

I have only just got around to checking back in with the blog, I have been fairly busy... I have managed to get out to do some stuff of the outdoor variety like climbing 'Ampitheatre Buttress'

Graduated,  from a PGCE, I am now a teacher, primary school!!!

House hunting, a very long process to get a house that was different to the shabby place we have been in this year.

Van hunting, another very long process not helped by a 'swwet talking' salesman until we met John at Slaters (Colwyn Bay) who is a sweet talking saleman but actually came through with his words within the hour.

Insurance hunting, painstaking, enough said.

ML assessment, success.

Packing all of our 'stuff'

Moving all our 'stuff', 5 van and 2 car loads of it.

Unpacking all our 'stuff' ... ongoing

Hope everyone is all well and if you want to go play then let me know.

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