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Monday, 30 May 2011

Half Term Adventures - Coasteering, Biking and Woodfest

(Will, Moose, Sam and Steph)

It has been amazing to get away from the work for 3 days. I have felt great all weekend. Sadly its back into Uni tomorrow!!! Cheers to everyone for a cracking weekend.

Saturday - Coasteering at Nefyn
Stephs first coasteer started nice a gently, then got a little bit rough just before she got out she took a bit of a beating. Sounds alot like my first coasteer...Oh and Moose gets wiped out, watch the 10 second clip.

Sunday - Biking -

Mooses should not ride bikes!! Will has photos to add soon!

Monday - Woodfest -
Cracking day out seeing lots of great stuff, recommend it to anyone for next year!

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